Scaling Teaching and Learning Online in Response to COVID-19

Helping You Quickly Transition to Remote Instruction

We are dedicated to partnering with the global education community as you face the challenge of quickly transitioning teaching and learning to an online state due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). To help support you, we’ve consolidated the following on the page below: Continuity of education resourcesOfferings to get up and running quickly if you require additional solutionsFree access to products and resources to help you with this rapid change. 

私人生活在线观看完整版电影As your partner, we will continue to look for additional ways to support you in this challenging, unprecedented time. We also encourage you to share your ideas and plans with the .

Activate a Virtual Classroom in Minutes

To help you quickly transition your face-to-face classes, we’ve launched a new self-service portal enabling departments to order Blackboard Collaborate within minutes and turn on their virtual classrooms within a day. With simple, reliable collaboration tools, Blackboard Collaborate enables teaching and learning from anywhere.

Get the Training Needed to Scale Digital Teaching and Learning

To ease your transition to remote instruction, we are now providing educators with as well as free access to our getting started online courses – – for Blackboard Collaborate and Learn. Additionally, Blackboard’s Digital Teaching and Learning Series provides a comprehensive curriculum and certification on integrating digital technologies into every aspect of the teaching and learning experience. Our portal makes it easy to order training as quickly as you need it.

Create Accessible and Inclusive Online Content

To help you create inclusive online content, view our free “Accessibility Checklist”私人生活在线观看完整版电影 for educators. As your institution shifts to online instruction, delivering content that is inclusively designed and accessible is even more paramount. Blackboard Ally integrates with the major learning management systems to help institutions build a more inclusive online learning environment.

Ensure Educators and Students Can Get the Technical Support They Need

To help you keep pace with increasing demand for support, our quick-to-implement IT Help Desk solutions expand your institution’s service capabilities and free up valuable resources for your support teams. With our Redundancy Model, you can leverage a short-term initiative that provides out-of-the-box support for students, faculty and staff. Our Phased Implementation Model is our most effective support model and extends support throughout the year.

Get Critical Information to Students with Quick Communications

To keep your campus regularly informed during this rapidly changing environment, our multi-modal (email, SMS, phone) outreach quickly disseminates key information to students, educators, and staff and points them to your campus resources – scaling the effectiveness of your teams. Additionally, we gather valuable feedback through surveys for continuous improvement.