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Student Retention

Blackboard's data-driven student retention services help you launch or improve institutional student retention practices, transform your existing data analytics into dashboards and programs that drive improvement, and deploy rapid student outreach campaigns. 

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We Make Student Retention Easy, Holistic & Data-Driven

Let us help you unlock a clear picture of student data, policies and programs. With the data our solutions provide on incoming and returning students, you can take the necessary steps to better help students succeed.

Why Blackboard?

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Powerful Strategies to Help You Retain More Students

Insight into your student population is crucial. Make sure it is user friendly and relevant so you can act on it. Our Blackboard Analytics dashboards and reports may be what you are looking for.


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You Need a Unique Student Retention Strategy

Retaining more students is a priority across multiple departments. But are you in lock step and using a holistic strategy to improve results? Read our free e-book on secrets to retaining students.

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A Student Engaged Is a Student Retained

Want to help students achieve success? Leverage a proactive outreach approve to reach and re-engage at-risk students and keep others on track.

Insight, Strategy, Engagement

Some 58 percent of institutions rank student retention as higher education’s most critical issue. That’s no surprise given that the average school loses $9 million to student attrition. We have the people, technology and scale to help colleges and universities meet the challenge.

Key Features

How We'll Help You Improve Student Retention

Student retention is a complex challenge that requires close coordination of several data-driven strategies. We can help you get better views of data, analyze it in new and productive ways, and act on it to advance both students and your institution.

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Act to Reach Students When It Counts

With our 24/7 inbound and outbound call-center capabilities, you can engage students at every key juncture of their journey to completion.

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Leverage Your Data

私人生活在线观看完整版电影Get student retention reports and dashboards to identify at-risk students, track cohorts, determine financial aid impact and more.

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Improve Your Current Student Retention Strategy

We’ll partner with you to evaluate your practices and build a master plan to improve retention and financial returns.

私人生活在线观看完整版电影It's about making data-driven decisions and using data to take actions. It's now part of our culture.

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Clint McElroy
Dean of Retention Services
Central Piedmont Community College

Discover how Blackboard can help you help your students succeed.